Fantasy Football: A Great Pastime

Fantasy football, I am sure you have heard it already. In the past years people have gone crazy about this type of hobby and some have earned money with this. Fantasy football is where fantasy and real world collide. This the avenue where ordinary people become coaches and lead a team that is consist of real players. Just like bovada promo, you can use promo codes also on this type of game.

The game started in England and spread around the world. It has even been adopted to other sports such as basketball. In America most of the popular ones are fantasy football and basketball.

Brief History

Well the football fantasy was created by Bernie Donnelly, which was his idea back in the 1970s. Back then it was a simple activity for recreation but now it has grown into a more serious business of course with the help of the internet.

How it Works?

First thing you do is you need to pick 11 players according to your budget. Plus, there is an additional rule on how many players can you add from one club. For football fantasy, you chose 2 or 3 forward players, 3 or 4 midfield players, 4 defenders and a 1 goalkeeper. Just like football fantasy, EZ is bonuses + promos website for all popular online casinos.

You can also substitute depending on the play. Then you are done with the choosing part and you are ready to duel!

You are awarded points if a player on your fantasy team do the following in real life:

Plays the whole match

Scores a goal

Assists for a goal

Play clean

Goalkeeper saves a penalty

Goalkeeper saves 3 or more shots

Team of a player wins.

It would not be exciting if you only earn points there is also a deduction of points for every mistake your player makes. These are the following mistakes:

Defender or a goalkeeper concede

Player gets a yellow card

Player missed a penalty kick

Player scores on own goal

Player gets substituted or leave the game

Team where the player belongs loses the game

Fantasy football has taken the world by storm already but it’s not too late. You can still build your own fantasy team and enjoy playing. Who knows you may earn money from it?