Feeding Vegetables to Toddlers

On the first year of your baby, he will start to discover other food that milk. Toddlers can eat vegetables some of the suitable vegetables for your kids are peas, spinach, carrots, potatoes, celery and tomatoes. These are a good start for toddlers because they are easy to digest and best for toddlers 1 to 2 years old.

When your baby gets to a year old, your baby should start eating vegetables. Aside from the puree that you give them, you should give them vegetables directly by slicing them into cubes this will be a great transition. At this age you also need a stroller for your toddler, you can go to this site https://www.comparingstrollers.com for reference.

In preparing the vegetables you should prepare them in a way that it would be easy for toddlers to eat and digest. When serving peas make sure that you mash them so that it will not be a coking hazard to your toddler.

In the first year you can give your baby boiled or stewed carrots, potatoes, spinach and peas. As your baby grow older introduce vegetables that are more difficult to digest such as cauliflower, cabbage and turnip. Boil these types of vegetables and replace the water twice in the process to make the taste softer.

You should also bear mind that not all toddlers love veggies some will never put boiled or pureed vegetables in their mouth. You should refrain from forcing your toddler to eat vegetables, especially if it is difficult to digest.

At the age 2 you can give corn to your toddler already, please take note that your baby may have difficulty chewing and may swallow the whole grains. Children will also enjoy tomatoes, lettuce and green beans that are sliced into very small pieces. Preparation for these veggies should be sanitized.

When giving vegetables to kids, you should with small portions and gradually add more as you go along. For picky eaters you can add a dash of salt and add a dash of lemon juice especially for mashed vegetables.

Vegetable juices can be also given to your kids. Just make sure that your kids can easily digest it. Fresh juices like this is healthier compared to the cooked one because the nutrients are still intact. Unlike with the cook vegetables, some of vitamins and minerals can be destroyed in the cooking process.